The Company

Lars Mach in front of test generatorOur world changes and so does the way we produce electricity.

Wind energy has grown out of its niche and become the backbone of renewable energy installations in the world. Such success has come with challenges; no other power production technology has been scaled up so fast!

Modern wind turbines are multi-Megawatt plants on top of tall towers. This place of action calls for reliability!

In engineering, quality is achieved by design, and every little extra in a machine can fail.

We have reduced the number of subsystems radically:
Our ring generator runs at low speed - it needs no gear box. You will neither find cooling fans or water pumps.

On top of this, our majestic generator comes with an outstanding feature: It is modular!

Why book a huge mobile crane and shut down your machine for months, if you can just go up and replace integral generator parts, such as magnets or windings, manually?
GOLIATH Wind introduces a generation of wind turbines that takes gearless technology to a new level of perfection!

Lars Mach, Founder